What happens when you have an illness and nobody believes you?

Have you ever suffered from Headaches, Fatigue, Depression, Pain in your joints or muscles, Unrefreshing sleep, Hypersensitivity to noises, smells, touch, tastes etc.?

Have you been diagnosed as Depressed or being a hypochondriac?

Have you been diagnosed with M.E. , Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue syndrome?


It is possible that you have a chronic infection or tropical disease infection that is not being tested or looked for.

I follow the Jadin Protocol. We believe that these terrifying  symptoms are caused by a  small  microorganism called Rickettsia. We look for Rickettsial and Neo-Rickettsial infestations and concurrent opportunistic infections.  They can over run the immune system leading to various auto-immune responses and symptoms that are often missed or wrongly attributed to other problems.

We start with a panel of blood tests to confirm our diagnosis. These include Micro-agglutination test for Rickettsia. We treat according to symptoms, organ dysfunction and present infections found.

Treatment consists of  pulsed antibiotics every four weeks for a prolonged period, lifestyle modifications and other variables.

The diagnosis of chronic co-infections has 4 major aspects:
1. The patient's history:

exposure, contacts, travels, traumas …

2. The patient's symptoms:

fatigue is almost always present, pain, headaches and  many other symptoms…

3. The patient's physical examination:

Three major signs to be investigated:
– Throat inflammation
– Heart sound (from irregularities to murmurs, clicks etc…)
– The Jadin sign i.e. pain or sensitivity of the right iliac fossa (referring to an article of Prof. JB Jadin about Epidemic of appendicitis in a school with lice).

4. The patient's blood test:

Serology will inform us about the presence of antibodies related to different infections in the blood of a patient. As we all are germ carriers, we need to validate the activities of the antibodies by the presence of dysfunctions. If the dysfunctions looked for are not found, the parasite could be dormant and treatment should not be prescribed.

The blood test can be compared to a photo – a snapshot – as opposed to a video – over a period of time. It can only reveal what is passing in the blood taken by a syringe at this specific time, only screening ±20 cc of blood out of 5 litres.
One germ is normally not enough to impair the immune system. Furthermore, those germs are symbiotic, completing each other at the enzymatic level to create dysfunction within the patient!

4.1. Infections:

The Rickettsial investigation tests for the following organisms:
Rickettsial Infection ( Prowazeki, Mooseri, Conori and Coxiella Burnetti )
Chlamydiae pneumoniae and trachomatis
Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Borreliosis or Lyme disease
Helicobacter Pylori

4.2. Dysfunctions:

FBC  and ESR (anaemia, white cell count ↑ or ↓ and the same concerning platelets)
LFT (the liver toxicity of the above germs is common)
Protein electrophoresis (giving us a reading of the immune system condition functioning too low, too high or normal)
Thyroid functions ( T3 and T4 )
Thyroid antibodies

Auto immune factors such as CRP, RF, ANF, CK, Cardiolipines
Iron studies ( elevated ferritin and decreased % of saturation )
Cholesterol – often part of an inflammatory scenery (Increases mostly)


IgE – activated by Germs  that are seen as foreign bodies in our human body

About Dr Turner {My Story}

I am 30, I became sick when I was about 12 years old (Grade 4). I started treatment with Dr. Jadin when I was 17years old. It was a long and hard road to get where I am today and it will still be a long road.

I was never the top student or the star athlete but I was a happy and active child. I suddenly became very ill. Worsening headaches, body ache and severe fatigue. I used to come home after school having barely survived, to sleep most of the afternoon .Then go to hockey practise and after a little more rest finished my school work. I was fading and unable to live. My parents were a great support but their daughter was fading. We went everywhere. The rheumatologist, Paediatrician, Physicians, Homeopaths, Psychologists and GPs. They told my mom I was faking it and playing her like a fiddle. My mom said no child can fake the recordable fevers. Then my mom discovered Dr Cecile Jadin. My entire world changed. She saw how sick I was and told my mom she believes us and that we will find the cause of my illness. She found multiple co-infections and I was started on the Jadin protocol. I got better and made Matric. I didn’t commit suicide as the doctors told my mom I would do before Matric instead I went to University and became a doctor. Today I have started a small practise  with Dr Jadin as my mentor. I have a duty to help others like me.

The Mountain might be high and tough to climb but it is worth the view.